History obliges

Since the rebirth of Poland in 1918, the operation of Polish cryptographers was very successful.In 1920's the work of Polish cryptographers together with their colleagues of the military intelligence resulted in breaking of the codes used by the Bolshevik army to secure their dispatches. As a result of the deciphering the Polish Army held the flooding of the Bolshevik army into Western Europe.

The following years meant successful continuation. The great three mathematicians - cryptographers Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski from the Cipher Bureau
cracked the ciphering system, which used the Enigma machine to hide radio communication of the German Army.According to historians the breaking of the Enigma meant quick reading of Hitler's intentions and a sooner end of the Second World War.After the Second World War throughout the period of 45 years Polish conduct in the field of cryptography and cryptology was so secret that until this day we do not have much knowledge concerning the subject.

In 1990's the Polish secret services began a cooperation with Polish companies realizing projects to build various specialized cipher machines. In the mainstream has been KRYPTON POLSKA, which since 2004 began, in collaboration with the Internal Security Agency, work and research to build cipher machines which could secure and maintain a high level of connection security.Having in mind the serious undertaking in which we participate and remembering how much Poland achieved in the 20th century in the field of cryptography we strife to work out solutions enabling the highest possible level of security together with flawless operation and durability of our machines as well as their user-friendliness.