Cryptographic device from Krypton K2 devices family features licensed throughput (200 or 300 Mb/s) and total number of tunnels (100 or 200). Device equipped with encryption algorithm nationally certified up to CONFIDENTIAL level in Poland.

Encryptor supports all Krypton K2 family devices - Krypton K2 IP Encryptors, Krypton K2/SIL IP Encryptors, Hardware Security Module Krypton KSM2 and AZK2 Management Software within one infrastructure and thus makes the complete classified information security system up to CONFIDENTIAL level for IP newtorks.

  • Cryptographic protection certificate to CONFIDENTIAL level
  • Compatible with KRYPTON K2 system devices
  • Versions with various performance parameters
  • Throughput 200 Mb/s or 300 Mb/s
  • 100 or 200 IPsec tunnels